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Nestled in the dense forests of Malayagiri Hill Range in Orissa, the sandalwood trees with a passage of time have magnetized people with its ethereal fragrance. Its namesake ‘Malayaj’ or born out of Malayagiri found its way in ancient Sanskrit manuscripts besides being used in India’s National Song ‘Vande Mataram.’

The ardent admirers have denoted the word ‘Malayaj’ to a scent or a transcendental feeling that soothes one’s soul; the sacred aroma that evokes beautiful visions, intrinsic feelings and thoughts. We; through our eyes envision to stimulate the visual imagery and unfold the fragrance of a soul that at times, goes unnoticed.

The enchanting colors of Autumn, the precious smile of a mother, the memories of old lovers, the magic of a laughter, the sparkle in the eyes, the barely spoken words, the unsaid feeling of a touch; everything gives off a scent. There is one way that we know to inhale, capture and experience all these scents, all these feelings and ‘Malayaj’ is that illumination of everything around that makes you, that makes me, that makes us.


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