Rajsamand Lake (also known as Rajsamudra Lake) is a lake near the town of Rajsamand in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Built in the 17th century, it is approximately 1.75 miles (2.82 km) wide, 4 miles (6.4 km) long and 60 feet (18 m) deep. It was built across the Gomati, Kelwa, and Tali rivers, with a catchment area of approximately 196 sq mi (510 km2).

Rajsamand Lake is one of the five popular lakes of Mewar. Located 66 km in the north of Udaipur, Rajsamand Lake lies between the cities of Rajnagar and Kankroli. It is also known by the name of Rajsamudra Lake in Rajasthan. Rajsamand Lake was built by Maharana Raj Singh in 1660.

The river Gomti is the main supplier of water to Rajsamand Lake. This was created by building an impressive dam in the 17th century. On the southern end of the lake, the huge embankment is composed of white marble. It has marble terraces and stone steps that touch the waters of the lake. There are five toranas (weighing arches) where Maharana Raj Singh and his descendants organized the annual event of Tuladan. (Kings used to weigh themselves in gold and then distribute it amongst the Brahmans.) This process of alms-giving was followed by Maharaja Raj Singh and his descendants.

Also on the embankment of the lake are nine pavilions or 'nauchowki' (nine ghats), which were constructed by Maharana Raj Singh. These beautifully carved pavilions are festooned with pictures of the sun, chariots, gods, birds and detailed carvings. The history of Mewar is inscribed in 1017 stanzas, on 27 marble slabs, that are called the Raj Prasasti. It has been acclaimed as one of the longest etchings in India.

Rajsamand Lake was made the seaplane base of Imperial Airways during World War II, for over six years.

At sunset, the waters of the lake glitter with the startling light of the sun. However, the mining of marble in the catchment area in the last three decades has caused irreparable damage to the source of the water. The rain water is now diverted elsewhere and the lake remains mostly dry.

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The trip to incredible Rajsamand

What a memorable day!!

Every morning is like a new life and we must try to fill every new life with amazing good memories of joy and happiness.

To start off, i could barely sleep last night because 5th of aug was not the normal day for me, I was about to experience overload happiness that I haven't experienced before.

Got the feel like #Rajsamand is going to mesmerise me with the nature and beauty all around.

"Happiness is all about spending the quality time with your love ones."

Inspite of being morning sleep lover i woke up early, checked the readiness of my weapons i means to say my photo gadgets and thats it.

I was Excited, energetic and ready to rock n roll.

Me , my bike and early morning golden light can't resist of taking few quick snaps on the route.

Rajsamand the beautiful town was going to witness the get together of all the musketeers (my childhood friends), this was an invitation of creating a memory which none of us will ever forget.

Without wasting single minute Mutually we planned for swimming in Rajsamand lake at Nau chowki. Getting ready by collecting 'ch and b', expert drivers were all set and the water lovers like us were also set to deep dive.

It took hardly 15 mins from my brother's place to reach the location.

Reaching the site was like woow , fab and stunning, all the cameras , phones were out and capturing every possible angle.

The only opposite gender in our group threw an idea of creating the viral sonu song again, now the challenge was what will be the lyrics, catching and matching the floating lines took fraction of mins to get ready with situation, lead role and theme. Afterall all of us were in a same mood of enjoyment.

Catching the attention of local audience forced us to quickly wind up with the shoot. We all quickly jumped into water and felt so good after all it was Rajsamand lake one of its kind.

Photography is in my blood so while swimming too i convinced local folks to give pose for me.

Oh my god it was really unforgettable day, what an ambience i was surrounded with, each part of my body was feeling that happiness.

This trip was still incomplete, many more parts of incredible Rajsamand need to be explored. I know Rajsamand will surprise me again with something which I can't even guess.

So, keep reading, commenting and watch this space for upcoming episodes of "Incredible Rajsamand"

~ From Madhur's dairy

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  1. Amazing shoot, every time i fall in love with your work.
    Very unique way of capturing objects.

  2. Awesome place with awesome guys and finally remain awesome memories.

  3. Great work … Perfect click … ?

    Madhur sir…..?

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