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21 thoughts on “Magically Beautiful

  1. MAA….. Definitely she is amazing….
    Great work…madhur

  2. Awesomeness in pictorial form! Beautiful work Madhur sir!

  3. Yes…Maa toh hamesha beautiful hoti hein..Dil se bhi or mann se bhi…?

  4. Nice Pick…
    Shandaar Photography By Madhur Bhai.
    Good Job

  5. Amazing she is n amazing you are that capture such little things in very creative manner…nice photographer Madhur Shastri…

  6. I don’t know what to say bcoz really this is so lovely.
    The small things , moments u capture is just u ….
    Keep doing..?

  7. This has portrayed all the adjectives for a mother a creator in a true sense.simply beautiful.

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